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What is CRM?What is CRM?  CRM is Customer Relationship Management, a system or set of systems to help manage your customer/client communications.  Many CRM packages integrate your sales, marketing, servicing, and customer support all into one shareable system to help you SYSTEMIZE, AUTOMATE, and BE MORE PRODUCTIVE in  your business processes.  Some CRM platforms allow for Contact Relationship Management including Vendors and ALL Contact Relationships that go beyond just the “Customer/Client” Relationship.  Various CRM Applications fully integrate with QuickBooks® to make your Contact Relationship Management a breeze.  Many CRM platforms can be accessed on various devices; by mobile phone and/or tablet as well as via the desktop, some are in the cloud (are accessed via internet browser.  Some CRM platforms have a calendar with scheduling and the ability to assign tasks to associates, and much more  see full post here

What is QuickBooksWhat is QuickBooks?  QuickBooks is Awesome! It is a financial management system and much more.  It is also a great productivity tool to help you get organized.  There are a variety of versions of QuickBooks® and it can be purchased for desktop or for online use in the cloud.  QuickBooks® can be used for business and/or personal use.

What is QuickBooks?  What does it do?   here to see a short video and full post 

CRM-etc. Podcast with Kathy HahnListen to the CRM-etc. Podcast by Kathy Hahn in the  interviews with CRM and eCommerce Solution Providers.  You can hear it on iTunes and take the podcast with you to hear at your convenience.  Learn about new solutions and technologies to help you Systemize, Automate, and Be More Productive in your business today.  Learn more about solutions that integrate with QuickBooks .  Various options are explored with service providers, you can read the blog and hear the podcasts on the blog posts within this site.

Constant Contact and QuickBooksConstant Contact is a great tool to keep track of all your contacts.  Kathy Hahn recommends Constant Contact for your mailing activities, to keep in contact with your community by email and to send out messages when you need to make a special announcement.  It’s great to connect during the holidays and to let others know of your new offerings and just to keep in touch.   Constant Contact has a variety of ways to keep in touch including via social media campaigns and they have great tutorials and assistance to help you get started.  try it here

Try ShipStation here for 30 days - no risk trialShipStation is a web based service that online entrepreneurs’ use to make all their fulfillment and shipping pains go away says Robert Gilbreath Marketing Director of ShipStation in a recent interview by Kathy Hahn. They connect with all the major market places and shopping carts on one side of their business and you basically use ShipStation to ingest and import in all your order data every day and then use their tools to automate many of the shipping processes, print labels, packing slips, etc.  They connect with all the major carriers such as Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, see more


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