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What is QuickBooks with Kathy HahnWhat is QuickBooks? It is Awesome! QuickBooks® is a financial management system and much more. It is also a great productivity tool to help you get organized. There are a variety of versions of QuickBooks® and it can be purchased for desktop or for online use in the cloud. QuickBooks® can be used for business and/or personal use.

What is QuickBooks? What does it do? Common uses are to keep track of invoices and expenses, writing checks and paying bills, payroll, job costing, managing banking transactions and reconciliations of accounts, inventory management including documentation for ordering products and selling services or goods, and much more. Financial reporting is a breeze with up to date information available at your fingertips.

Additional features include Budgeting and Forecasting, Business Plans, and the contact database and Lead center to help keep track of communications. Documentation management such as attaching scanned paperwork to various transactions is also available for those wanting to go paperless and streamline their workflow.

With a variety of versions, QuickBooks® goes beyond the small office user with the Enterprise Solutions® version handling up to 30 users. Remote access is available and there are lots of 3rd party applications which extend the user experience for additional industry specific processes. Intuit® is the creator and producer of QuickBooks®. The Intuit Marketplace lists many 3rd party apps from outside developers who have created uniquely defined processes to work with the QuickBooks® software.  Listen to the podcast below.

QuickBooks is Awesome! When you know how to use it…. Let me show you how.

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