021: Avalara Sales Tax Solution with Ian Clyde – Part 1

AvalaraIan Clyde, a National Sales Director of Avalara® Sales Tax solution, in an interview with Kathy Hahn discusses the sales tax challenges of complying with today’s sales tax reporting issues.  Avalara® is the leading cloud based sales tax solution in the industry, and Ian currently manages a team that works in the QuickBooks space to help companies with their sales tax compliance issues. Avalara® connects with various accounting applications and many online shopping carts.

Product and Service tax ability is one of the big risks and one of the big challenges in sales tax compliance. Out of state tax issues such as the “Nexus” issue where having a sufficient presence (substantial physical presence) in a state requires the seller to pay tax even if they don’t physically reside in the state. Various types of labor in many of the states is taxable, there are unique district taxes and there are over 11,000 various different tax jurisdictions nationwide.

There are also use taxes where purchases for material are involved and this situation makes it more important to utilize the services of Avalara® to stay compliant in an ever-changing taxing environment. Avalara® provides training materials regarding compliance issues on their website, and they have a great support system, they assign a Go-Live Coordinator as a subset of the support team, and they can file the actual Sales Tax form to make the reporting process a breeze. They offer a complete outsourced sales tax return solution.

Top 10 Sales Tax Tips by AvalaraThe Avalara® tax engine has all tax research up to date at all times so that rates are always current and the proper amounts are paid when collecting and remitting sales taxes.  The Avalara® solution saves time and provides for a huge reduction in risk. For more information about the Avalara® Sales Tax solution just click here

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