022: Avalara Sales Tax with Ian Clyde – Part 2

AvalaraIan Clyde of Avalara® Sales Tax solution says proposed federal legislation of the Market Place Fairness Act is being followed very closely. This legislation would potentially create a scenario where more companies would be required to collect and remit tax. Some of the considerations of the Market Place Fairness Act are “Origin Sourcing” and “Destination Sourcing”, Ian explains both scenarios in the podcast. Tax on downloadable software and internet sales are some of the big issues being discussed ever since the internet became prevalent in the marketplace, the legislation has been in the works for a few years. The Avalara® tax engine has all tax research up to date at all times so that rates are always current and the proper amounts are paid when collecting and remitting sales taxes.

Ian has  recommends that companies purchase compliance solutions, to outsource their solution will help them automate and will permit them to scale for growth to be relevant to today’s growing economy.

Avalara® is working on the next generation of the tax solution where they will be able to handle various different tax “types” such as fuel tax, telecommunication taxes, hospitality tax, tobacco and alcohol taxes, and others. They currently offer sales tax and use tax, and VAT (outside the United States) tax and are offering tax outsourcing services in over 100 countries across the globe.

Top 10 Sales Tax Tips by AvalaraThe Avalara® Sales tax solution saves time and provides for a huge reduction in risk.  Their pricing depends on usage. To hear part 1 of the podcast with Ian Clyde click here, and to view the website for more information about Avalara® Sales Tax just click here

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