024: Mavenlink with QuickBooks for Project Management

Mavenlink with QuickBooks for Project ManagementIn a recent interview by Kathy Hahn with CTO Roger Neel (Chief Technology Officer) and Co-Founder of Mavenlink, Roger describes how Mavenlink provides for project management for service orientated companies, and an integration for Mavenlink with QuickBooks use is available. He says they started the company in 2008 with a vision to make services businesses more successful. They did an integration in Mavenlink with QuickBooks so that they could provide a solution that also helps with the financial aspect of projects and billable work.

Mavenlink allows collaboration in a central project, to track tasks and deliverables, and ties it to time and expense for the project so that it can then go out in a billing process. With the QuickBooks integration, the time and expenses can be synchronized with QuickBooks. Mavenlink is a cloud based solution (SAAS) and it works with both the desktop version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise), and QuickBooks Online.

Mavenlink works with email systems such as Google and Outlook and they’ve integrated with the Google Apps platform. Mavenlink has an API to integrate other platforms together, they have an integration with SalesForce for CRM and they integrate with many other management systems. Mavenlink with QuickBooks provides a project management solution and also keeps track of job costing; the vendors, customers, and employees from within QuickBooks can be synced with Mavenlink. To listen to Part 2 of the interview by Kathy Hahn with Roger Neel of Mavenlink and how Mavenlink with QuickBooks can help with your Project Management, just click here.  To learn more about QuickBooks and how it can help you in your business, visit QBKathy.com

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Reports in Mavenlink with QuickBooks

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