026: WooCommerce with QuickBooks, an Ecommerce Solution, an interview by Kathy Hahn

Matt Cohen of WoocommerceMatt Cohen of Woothemes in an interview by Kathy Hahn shares about the popular WooCommerce product, he defines Woothemes as a WordPress product company, they provide solutions for clients using WordPress as a platform, and WooCommerce and QuickBooks can now integrate for a great WordPress Ecommerce Solution. Woothemes offers products on top of WordPress to create the service such as themes, really beautiful designs for WordPress. Their product WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform built on top, designed to help you sell absolutely anything in a beautiful way. Woothemes is over six years old. They started out with three guys, from the cities of Capetown, London, and Norway who were building websites for clients and discovered they were doing things over and over again, and they thought there must be a better way to monetize the process, so they worked together and they built a theme company which went live in 2008. WooCommerce, the ecommerce platform, has grown out of Woothemes and was developed in 2011.

WooCommerce is responsive, it works via mobile, and their solution helps to remove inconveniences. WooCommerce can now integrate with QuickBooks via 3rd party applications that connect the two platforms. Integration with QuickBooks facilitates the management of order processing from the initial order entry, payment processing, and inventory management. WooCommerce store owners are small to medium size enterprises and can benefit by utilizing an email integration solution, the QuickBooks connection provides for exporting the contact data which can then be imported to an email solution service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact to generate campaigns and provide for communications to build and manage the customer growth funnel.

Connect-WooCommerce-With-QuickBooks-and-Kathy-at-CRM-etc-dot-comWooCommerce is a free product and Woothemes then provides premium extensions such as a few basic payment integrations, a check out field editor, subscription management, and variety of over 200 extensions, and they can also build new extensions if desired by the client. Extensions are plugins that inject features into WooCommerce. Due to the fact that WordPress and WooCommerce are an open source platform, they offer code snippets to be able to customize the code and add fields in. The product listing fields are fully customizable for various attributes. They model what they do on the ease of use that WordPress offers.

VAT, the value added tax is a very complicated area, and WooCommerce allows for custom tax rates within the platform. WooCommerce also integrates with ShipStation and other shipping platform solutions, they also provide a multi-currency converter widget for customers to view prices in other currencies.

WooCommerce is as easy to use as WordPress, the logic behind WooCommerce is BIG and ELEGANT at the same time. Matt says they are the fastest growing ecommerce platform. WooCommerce offers freedom, with access to the code due to the fact that it’s an open source platform. Contact Kathy directly to learn more about WooCommerce and QuickBooks integration, an Ecommerce Solution, be sure to leave your contact information and subscribe for another interview by Kathy Hahn coming soon.

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