027: Infusionsoft with QuickBooks Interview by Kathy Hahn

joe-mannaJoe Manna of Infusionsoft, Developer and Partner Programs Manager, shares about marketing automation and CRM, and how Infusionsoft connects with QuickBooks in an interview by Kathy Hahn. Infusionsoft has 3 main features; CRM, automation in email marketing and ecommerce capabilities.

With use of the API, developer platforms can now connect Infusionsoft with QuickBooks and other accounting programs. Outside 3rd party integration platforms offer solutions to bridge the gap and automate the process of financial integration and inventory integration with QuickBooks.

Infusionsoft is a web based application so the software is able to be accessed via mobile and they now have an app for the tablet version of Infusionsoft. They have an app called “Snap”. It allows the user to be able to take a picture of a business card and automatically send it to Infusionsoft, they can put in any additional information if they’d like, and in a day or so, the data automatically appears in the CRM. Infusionsoft sync for Outlook and sync for Gmail is available. Name, contact information, marketing activities, segments within the database, weather, and local time appear in the sidebar when viewing the contact. Personalized tasks and tags can be applied to individual contacts.

Infusionsoft has some basic social media features such as being able to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and Joe recommends using a service like Hootsuite for more significant publishing or scheduling needs for social media. In 2013, Infusionsoft acquired a company called GroSocial, they work with many other email systems and they are able to capture leads from Facebook and offer additional services to grow business and provide for social media guidance.

Infusionsoft provides for a variety of payment gateways including PayPal and Authorize.net and they offer options for sending data to shipping solutions for expediting the delivery processes. Listen to the interview with Joe Manna of Infusionsoft and learn more about marketing automation and CRM and how Infusionsoft connects with QuickBooks.

Listen here to the conversation below, and listen to Part 2 here:

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