028: Infusionsoft Interview by Kathy Hahn with Joe Manna

Connect Infusionsoft with QucikBooksIn Part 2 of the Infusionsoft Interview by Kathy Hahn with Joe Manna, additional functionality are discussed such as the basic calendar and appointment features that are offered within Infusionsoft, and the “Sync for Outlook”, and “Sync for Gmail” that are also available. With many additional 3rd party plugins such as “Service Minder” for project management, scheduling, time tracking, etc., there’s sure to be a solution for almost any desired functionality to enhance the user experience with Infusionsoft. They offer 100 different custom fields such as special attributes and they offer unlimited “Tags”. Tags are descriptors about any person in the database and the names can then be segmented by any or all tags so that individual profiles can be compiled about the customer. Historical data is maintained and data or reports can be exported to excel. The API with Infusionsoft offers unfettered, open access to the user account.

The pricing for Infusionsoft is based on the number of contacts within the account and ranges from $179 – $379 per month, and requires an additional $2,000 fee (one time start-up fee) to work with a success consultant, no contracts are required. They are not for new business, Joe recommends for the company to be earning over $100,000 annually and preferable have at least a few employees on staff to able to manage the marketing automation process and help to run the business. Infusionsoft may just be the next secret ingredient to take business to the next level.

At Infusionsoft they are always investing more in their campaign builder. New developments include new improvements with the campaign builder, the user interface, dashboard visibility, and Infusionsoft mobile apps.

Connect Infusionsoft with QuickBooks you can learn more in Part 1 of the interview by Kathy Hahn with Joe Manna.

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