029: Agiliron Ecommerce Solution Point of Sale Online and Offline Feature

With Agiliron Sell in More Places and Manage in OneThe Point of Sale Feature within the Agiliron Ecommerce Solution is coming soon for OFFLINE transactions, so if the internet connection is lost, sales can still be processed. The credit card information is stored in an encrypted file for PCI compliance and when the internet connection resumes, the transactions can then be synced with QuickBooks. Now if a store takes its products to a location without internet connection, such as a trade show or a farmers market, the Point of Sale System will still work OFFLINE and the ship location can be indicated on the order. This feature opens up the remote sales capability for field sales, opportunities where sales people can now have a live point of sale system when out at a remote location, the product can then be shipped later from headquarters. Any traditional credit card reader can be utilized with a USB port and/or a dongle can be used for the portable web based point of sale which permits the sales clerk to be un-teathered from the main check out register.

As an additional feature, Agiliron integrates with ShipStation which manages the last mile of the sale with automation through the shipping process, and other upcoming integrations will be with “Avalara” and “Tax Cloud” for detailed Sales Tax automation and processing, (now-Aug 2014, these solutions are currently in beta while optimizing during the testing period). These are added integrations that need to be purchased separately from the providers themselves. Agiliron has internal shipping and sales tax collection processes within the software, however the ShipStation and Avalara both have unique features to benefit the sales and accounting processes.

Now due to SAAS, large enterprise type solutions are available for small to medium size businesses. It’s an exciting time in many respects for small to medium size business from an IT point of view because many more choices are available and provide for integration and automation and lots of benefits that only large enterprises have had in the past are now viable for smaller businesses. The role of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor provides for an important 3rd party objective perspective. The QuickBooks ProAdvisor can keep up with the upgrades and the changing technology environment to keep the business owner’s up to date and let them know of new features such within the Agiliron Ecommerce Solution with the new Point of Sale Offline and Online capabilities.

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